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Industry Visit: under GTBIRC

May 17, 2022

Industry Visit:

Industrial Visits are Fun! We visited the Mother Dairy Plant at Patparganj, Delhi and got to know some awesome facts about dairy and milk products. Do the know the difference between Frozen Dessert and Ice-Cream, well we do and it lies in the fat content of the product. Frozen Desserts have vegetable fat while Ice-Creams have Milk fat.It was a great learning experience.

Seminar on Research Methodology

Seminar on the Use case and Introduction to blockchain

We from GTBIRC - the research centre of GTBIT organised back-to-back events on research methodology and blockchain on 17th May.

Research Methodology

The speaker of this webinar was Dr. Amritpal Singh from NIT Srinagar. Attendees were told about the benefits of research papers and were enlightened about the 5 processes for Research Projects, which were,

-> Identify a topic

-> Do Literature Survey

-> Formulate Research Question(s)

-> Develop and Evaluate the solution

-> Articulate the research

The speaker also provided some useful insights for a research project at the end of the webinar. They were:

i) Assumptions should be verified.

ii) If one solution fails, researcher should try other solutions some epsilon away from the original.

iii) Research project must be enjoyed and quality time and hard work should be spent on it.

iv) The most important quality in a research project is curiosity, quality, determination and flexibility.


The speaker of this webinar was Ms. Gupriya Bhatia . Attendees were told about the key attributes of blockchain, challenges of centralization and much more .

-> Types of blockchain :permissionless and permissioned .

-> How does blockchain work ?

She also talked about the importance of blockchain . Why blockchain?

Proposed crowsourcing platform overview.

Proposed architecture overview.

The speaker also gave a brief Information about the Potential Evaluators and Selecting them and also some insights about updating reputations.

So, the important learnings from this webinar are:

1. How each step of crowdsourcing could be managed as transaction on Blockchain

2. Address various attacks possible on centralised Crowdsourcing platform

3. Establishing better trust on worker’s of the platform

4. Reduce cost for task poster as well as worker.


A seminar on Fourth Industrial Revolution:

Advent of Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning was hosted by Guru Tegh Bahadur Innovation and Research Centre. Dr. Manmeet Singh, a scientist in Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology which has the responsibility of dissiminating weather forecast to public was the speaker of the seminar. He also gave a talk at NASA space flight centre about how AI can help preventing climate change.

The main aim of the seminar was to encourage the audience to take up a career in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. AI and ML is changing human lives. 10 years ago, no one had an idea that technology would develop so fast. A program based on AI and ML can out do human intelligence.

The speaker told about the need of tremendous amount of information one needs to build a machine that has common sense given by Yann Lecun. These are :

-> Pure Reinforcement Learning

-> Supervised Learning

-> Predictive Learning

Various applications of AI and ML like mobile camera telling the age of the person, Tesla Self Driving Cars, Social Media, Supply Chain, Business Analytics, etc. were discussed in the seminar.